Geodrill supports OTC patient Emmanuel

Just returned from FOCUS Hospital where I visited Emmanuel and Abdul.  Emmanuel was operated on last Tuesday, it is amazing how good he looks after one week.

I met with Dr. Boachie and he told me the surgery went well. They were able to put in the movable rod so every three months we need to take him back to FOCUS. The doctor explained that every three months they will be able to extend it without opening the skin.  This is good news. He is thinking that when Emmanuel is 14 or 15 he will have to have the surgery again to put in the permanent rod.  That gives us seven years to plan for that surgery.

When we arrived he was sitting in front of the TV enjoying his breakfast.  I explained to him that when he leaves FOCUS he will not go home but come to OTC  He was fine with that

The plan is that we will bring him here to make sure he has the physiotherapy he needs and that we watch that he follows the instructions from the hospital.  They usually give a What Not To Do List.  It is our hope that when the new school term starts in September he will be able to attend.  We will have to make sure he has a strong wheelchair to get to school.  He is a bright child and I think will do well.  There is a school near his home and we have spoken to the headteacher and he has agreed to take him as a student.

We are very grateful to you for your support with this surgery.  Now we will try in every way possible to support him.  We are hoping that his father will find a job during these weeks when Emmanuel will be in our care.